personal family budgeting

Personal & Family Budgeting

Do you find it hard to understand where your pay goes?

Our family budget creation and support program will help you understand where your money is coming from, where it’s being spent and what your surplus or deficit is.

We’ll then help you develop the habits so you achieve your financial goals and support you along the way.

We look well beyond the numbers to explore the possibilities for your wealth journey.



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Our Services

Why our clients are raving about us?

Our business has demanded capital at varying times of our life cycle.

Having a proactive accounting team that can respond well to lending institutions needs and deliver the documents in a format that removes my team from the headache of sourcing relevant reports.

The ability to lean on an accounting firm that acts more like a business partner than a service provider has set up our business for success.

Water, Brown

Having experienced a number of businesses and associated accounting firms, the trust and confidence provided by Kensington Financial Group has been unparalleled.

The team have been diligent to our needs and have created a model for how we can streamline our operation and improve our forecasting.

The business has used the many of the services KFG has to offer and will continue to do so.

Construction, Slatter

The working relationship with Kensingtons has spanned over a decade. In that time, we have adopted more and more of their service offerings as our business has grown.

Michael and his team have been pivotal to the financial success of our firm delivering advice when needed such as models for cashflow and forecasting as we grew in size, number of locations and people.

In the ten or more years we have used them, their ability to adapt and offer services and advice beyond our own capabilities has been one of the driving reasons for our success.

Spare Parts, Murley