When it comes to making life changing decisions, most people take time to ensure they are well informed and advised. This same consideration should go into finding a great financial planner. It is essential to understand the services they offer and consider their track record and testimonials. Finding the right planner will save you time […]

At Kensington’s we understand that applying for government funding can be difficult to navigate. We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to explain the suitability and accessibility of current funding. Are there any Incentives or Grants Available to Assist Start-Up Businesses? No, there are no government grants offered specifically for […]

In addition to our previous communications over the past 2 weeks regarding the Federal Government’s stimulus packages, we attach for you a detailed analysis of the Second Economic Stimulus Package which passed through Parliament on Monday night. It is now law so we can rely upon the information and commence the work towards applying these […]

This is a short note to advise we are very aware of the announcements made today towards the business wage subsidy referred to as the JobKeeper Payment. We have received an enormous volume of requests for information today regarding this announcement. Kensington Partners aims to provide you with the comfort that we absolutely understand the […]

Your retirement strategy is a key element of your overall financial plans. Ultimately, the answer to the perennial “when can I retire?” question requires a thorough assessment of your particular financial position, your ongoing financial responsibilities and your personal goals for retirement. There is no simple “one-size-fits-all” answer to a complicated set of questions with […]

Kensington Wealth believes all Australians should have a retirement plan. This becomes all the more crucial if you’ve passed the milestone of your 50th birthday. Naturally enough, you’re seeking a comfortable retirement that will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire and still maintain a robust financial position for protection against any unexpected situations, […]

All Australian residents with UK pensions should be evaluating the opportunity of transferring their entitlements to an Australian fund. UK Pension Transfers are available under certain conditions to both migrants from the UK and to Australians returning home after a period of work in the UK. The process is complex and the options vary with […]

A small business loan can be invaluable when you’re establishing your business or when an unforeseen setback occurs, but you don’t want a loan to be short-term gain and long-term pain. Here are six common mistakes businesses should avoid when it comes to commercial finance. Mistake #1: Not getting the right loan A thriving business […]