There are changes that have occurred regarding individuals being able to purchase back previous National Insurance credits to maximise and increase their current entitlement to a UK State Pension. The new weekly UK National Insurance (voluntary) contribution rates for 2019/2020 are Class 2 – £3.00 and Class 3 – £15.00.  The British System now allows […]

Nuala Chau, one of our Accountants, has been leading Kensington Partners support of Operation Christmas Child for a number of years now and 2018 has been our biggest and best effort yet. The team has filled 92 shoeboxes (an average of 2 per employee!) with a range of fun and practical items for kids aged […]

Kensington Wealth believes all Australians should have a retirement plan. This becomes all the more crucial if you’ve passed the milestone of your 50th birthday. Naturally enough, you’re seeking a comfortable retirement that will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire and still maintain a robust financial position for protection against any unexpected situations, […]

Worked in the UK? With the outlook for Brexit still remaining unclear after the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered several new setbacks last week.  On Monday, Parliament’s rejected for the second time in a week his plan for a snap election.  Bearing this in mind, now may be the time to look at maximining […]

All Australian residents with UK pensions should be evaluating the opportunity of transferring their entitlements to an Australian fund. UK Pension Transfers are available under certain conditions to both migrants from the UK and to Australians returning home after a period of work in the UK. The process is complex and the options vary with […]

A small business loan can be invaluable when you’re establishing your business or when an unforeseen setback occurs, but you don’t want a loan to be short-term gain and long-term pain. Here are six common mistakes businesses should avoid when it comes to commercial finance. Mistake #1: Not getting the right loan A thriving business […]

As the FBT year runs from 1 April to 31 March, the months of October to December marks the “third quarter” of the FBT year, and so here is an overview of the FBT elements that can attract the ATO’s attention. This can be a timely period for a compliance check-up, so that employers who […]

The question of how much a person needs to have saved before confidently launching into their retirement years very much requires an individual answer. The more the better may seem to be an obvious response, but then again each one of us lucky enough to reach the brink of those golden years will feel a […]